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Into a Larger World Episode 7: Aftermath Part 1

With Aftermath: Empire's End arriving this week, I decided to break down the Aftermath story thus far in the latest episode of Into a Larger World. To do so, I included several short stories to flesh out the lead up to the first novel of the trilogy, Aftermath. We'll get to Aftermath: Life Debt next week.

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Into a Larger World Episode 6: Rogue One Roundup

In this latest episode of Into a Larger World, I take a look at several releases related to Rogue One. I go through both the Ultimate Visual Guide and The Art of Rogue One and tell you my favorite details and pieces of art from each. I also take a look at the Rogue One: Rebel Dossier and the latest piece of Star Wars Insider exclusive fiction 'The Voice of the Empire'. I hope you enjoy the show!

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