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Into a Larger World Episode 12: Rebel Rising

In this episode, I return to the time and events of Rogue to cover Beth Revis' YA novel, Rebel Rising. If you ever wanted to know about Jyn's time before we see her get rescued in Rogue One, this is the novel for you.

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Into a Larger World Episode 11: Thrawn

Making good on trying to get more episodes out - here is my review of Thrawn by Timothy Zahn! No guests this time, just a quick review of the return of a legendary author and character to the Expanded Star Wars Universe. 

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Into a Larger World Episode 10: Aftermath Pt 3

Finally! After a new job, an extremely busy summer, a several thousand page foray into horror (I'm looking at you, Stephen King and Justin Cronin), and a massive hurricane named Harvey, I am back with a new episode of the show! Better late than never, right? This time, I am joined by another guest, Chris Wermeskerch. Chris is a big fan of the EU and brought great insight to the discussion on the finale of Aftermath. Enjoy!


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Into a Larger World Episode 8: Aftermath Part 2

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, I started a new job this last week and so did my son's tee ball league - it is a busy time!

In this episode I discuss Life Debt, the middle chapter of the Aftermath trilogy as well as yet another Blade Squadron story from Star Wars Insider. I hope you enjoy!

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Into a Larger World Episode 7: Aftermath Part 1

With Aftermath: Empire's End arriving this week, I decided to break down the Aftermath story thus far in the latest episode of Into a Larger World. To do so, I included several short stories to flesh out the lead up to the first novel of the trilogy, Aftermath. We'll get to Aftermath: Life Debt next week.

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Into a Larger World Episode 6: Rogue One Roundup

In this latest episode of Into a Larger World, I take a look at several releases related to Rogue One. I go through both the Ultimate Visual Guide and The Art of Rogue One and tell you my favorite details and pieces of art from each. I also take a look at the Rogue One: Rebel Dossier and the latest piece of Star Wars Insider exclusive fiction 'The Voice of the Empire'. I hope you enjoy the show!

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